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at greater risk? >> from america's news headquarter, hello, i'm gregg jarrett, we're getting reports that yemen now deployed several hundred more troops, to two mountainous provinces that are al qaeda strongholds in the country. the military reinforcements coming as the president says al qaeda's branch in yemen was behind the failed christmas day attack. on the u.s. airliner. and we're also learning new information about the attempted attack, a customs official reversing his story, now saying a second passenger from the flight was indeed detained, he was handcuffed and searched and later released. after a police dog reacted to his luggage, officials originally denied the incident, ever happened and notwithstanding repeated eye witnesses. umar farouk abdulmutalleb has been charged with trying to blow up the flight. i'm gregg jarrett, join me at 4:00 eastern time, on america's news headquarters. >> it has been more than a week after a very frightening close call in the air, and the tsa, still doesn't have a new chief. republican senator jim demint is holding up the approval process for
that this is matched by an historic effort, but extends beyond our government because america has no greater resource than the strength and compassion of the american people. we just met in the oval office, an office they both know well. i'm pleased that president george w. bush and president bill clinton have agreed to lead a major fundraising effort for relief. the clinton-bush haiti fund. on behalf of the american people, i want to thank both of you for returning to service and leading this urgent mission. this is a model that works. after the terrible tsunami in asia, president bush turned to president clinton and the first president bush to lead a similar front. that effort raised substantial resources for the victims of that disaster. the money that helped save lives, deliver aid, and rebuild communities. that's exactly what the people of haiti desperately need right now. every day that goes by, we learn more about the horrifying scope of this catastrophe. the destruction and suffering that defies comprehension. entire communities buried under mountains of concrete, families sleeping in the str
america os news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. china threatening sanctions against american defense companies. the u.s. state department has proposed a $6.4 billion arms deal with taiwan. china's defense ministry say the deal will cause severe harm to u.s.-china cooperation. here at home, a major winter storm is hammering the southeast. states of emergency in effect right now in tennessee, arkansas, and parts of virginia. there is a thick band of heavy snow and freezing rain making driving treacherous. forecasters saying up to a foot of snow could fall across the region. and toyota is shipping gas pedal parts to its dealers after a massive recall. millions of cars and trucks have been recalled due to a problem with accelerators. i'll send you back to fobbs on fox and see you back later here on fox. >>> let's tell another 1 million students that when they graduate, they will be required to pay only 10% of their income on student loans and all of their debt will be forgiven after 20 years and forgiven after ten years if they choose a career in public service. who. >> o who is going to
and we have seen what unionization has done to the teaching in america's schools. and saw what had been the private sector, auto industry and steel industry and on things other than the main job at hand and will be blocking ten knowledge that can improve procedures in the future. >> and that is exactly why congress took it out of the provision when they started the tsa to begin with, unionization. >> they took it out because there was a knee-jerk reaction against unions of any kind from a certain part of the government. but i think what steve is talking about is important here, we are not getting exactly the best and brightest who want careers in the tsa at this point and i'm risking my own flying convenience but... >> you'll be stopped at every airport. >> a little more job security and better benefits and wages, the kinds of things unions provide would make better candidates want those jobs. and that would be good for all of us. >> victoria it's true you do not necessarily see the best and brightest in the tsa now. and he says if you unionize you might see a better group of folks ther
to see. first, america is still bleeding jobs. still unable to get out of double digit unemployment. when we come become a controversial plan to cut wages to help the job market. i thought you said carl was our best presentation guy. [ worker ] he is. just last week he told my team about fedex office print online for our presentations. we upload it to fedex office, then they print, bind, and ship it. the presentation looks good, right? yes, but -- wait, you didn't actually bring carl with you. good morning! but i digress. [ male announcer ] we understand. you need presentations done right. fedex office print online. >> from merck's miss headquarters i'm greg jar relate new tape of the man who blew himself up and killed seven cia agents in afghanistan. the jordanian doctor calling for more attacks on u.s. interests saying the attack was revenge for the death of pakistan's taliban leader. the video reportedly shot just before attack. >> the man behind the security breach at newark airport has been arrested in new jersey. investigators say haison jiang is the man seen on video speaking past
. >>> join me at 1:00 p.m. eastern on america's headquarters. >> back to forbes on fox. >> one year after taking office, president obama's owe approval rating stuck below 50%. someone says that's good for investors. over the past year as the president's numbers plummetedded, stocks went the other direction, they were soaring. you see a direct correlation, why? >> of course there's a direct correlation. because investors now realize that obama is not probably going to get everything he wanted. union card check, cap trained and healthcare. the past couple of days the market have been an exception because obama came out attacking the banks. it's funny that president obama seems to spend more bile on americans than terrorists. what investors want is obama to lead from the center. >> we should say wall street has been delivering the past year on your 401(k) as opened to the year before. >> i think irish -- rich is misguided. this administration is going after the banks, pharmaceuticals and insurance and still doing a wealth transfer from successful industries to less successful industries like
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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